Saturday, June 26

Toronto: A charming city and a Benetton Ad

The day my dad decided to move to Toronto, I took an oath to hate it for eternity. And have stuck by it ever since...until now. It’s just you can’t escape the charm of this city, its enthusiasm for ice hockey, an absolute addiction to Tim Horton’s and pride for being the most multi-cultural city in the world. It’s a colourful tossed salad quite with people from all walks of life!
Actually, multiculturalism is a laughing matter in Toronto as ‘Toronto Life’ put it. A major share of the credit for this goes to stand-up comedian Russell Peters! His jokes comprise of wry observations on the Toronto’s favourite subject of race and culture to illuminate our human shortcomings with laser sharp accuracy. His mimicry allows him to create characters of all races and cultures and forge a bond with his audiences, which are as colourful and varied as his comedy. He teases just about anyone he lays eyes on: white, Mexican, Jewish, Jamaican, Chinese and of course Indian!
Another trophy in hall of fame of Toronto is its support to same sex marriages, and did you know over 5500 same sex couples have got married here? It’s pretty amazing! I believe Toronto to be gay rights beacon, especially to Americans weary of their country’s patchwork of indecency laws.
Our flourishing Bay Street, our safe and solvent banks, our Jay’s are off to a winning start, the amazing CN Tower, the St. Lawrence market (those who do not agree on this one, try the scrumptious sandwiches and the super cheesy poutine there), the Art Gallery of Ontario and oh, did I mention, University of Toronto?
To new favourite cities and old,
Harleen A.
PS: If you don’t know what Benetton is, as I think most Canadians don’t, just Google “United Colors of Benetton” and you’ll see what I mean!


  1. Having grown up here most of life, I do love this city.
    It may not be a glittering Vegas or rich in history Athens, but it does have an allure which is hard to avoid.
    I remember when I met you in a first year calculus;you hated this city with a passion. But what makes this city special is that it embraces people with open arms, and am so glad you have embraced it. And what a wonderful composition to express it with.


  2. And I thought you always missed Delhi!

  3. And I thought you always missed Delhi!

  4. Don't get me wrong here...there is no place like Delhi on earth and though I am fiercely loyal to it, Toronto has a charm to it that believe it or not, makes it a more welcoming place.
    Like they say, Dilli dilwalon ki...all Delhites welcome the culture of different places with an open heart