Wednesday, June 16

And Google scores with the "Parisian Love Story"

This year this commercial was aired during the Super Bowl and is my favorite advertisement till date. I consider advertisements to be a piece of art, just there is more at stake here than other forms of art. In an economy coping with the recent financial crunch, there is no room for a bad bet.
This commercial is a thoroughly entertaining medium to convey Google's simple message of the difference it makes in our lives through its search engine and to me a fine piece of art.
This ad definitely has a chance at to win the Cannes Lions, atleast my vote definitely goes out for it!!!
What makes it a riskier bet and hence deserving of the bigger return is that it is not even faintly related to football or technology/IT but is a heart-melting love story instead.
It tells the story of a romance helped along by a series of Google searches conducted by (one is left to imagine) a young man who finds love after a simple plan to study abroad in Paris turns into love, marriage and a need to know how to assemble a crib.

It made our entire advertising class break into an "AWWW"


  1. I would say that this ad is adorable !

    These days Google is not just any search engine, it is basically GOD ! You have any question or even a problem you just, as one would say, " Google it" and kaboom you get the answer !!!

    We have been using Google for school and work, but now let's start G dating !

  2. I agree. Whether its tips on avoiding social gaucherie, shoes, table manners, lipstick colors, shoe trends or whether it's reserving a restaurant, or airline tickets... Search engines have become a way of life.

    I love how this ad encapsulates the daily usage of google- from the mundane information seeking to its instrumental uses such as buying airline tickets. Kudos google.