Tuesday, June 22

Business Lessons taught by FIFA

Business Lessons taught by FIFA

1. The importance of a competitive stance
As we all know, Brazil defeat North Korea 2-1. Don’t you think it’s shocking for such legendary football-playing country (#1 FIFA world ranking) to win by a minimal margin against the Korea DPR team, #105 in FIFA world ranking.
Starting and running a business, regardless of how difficult they are, are even more challenging today. More established countries – business-wise, such as the United States shouldn’t overlook how China and the rest of the world are catching up to grab their share of pie in global business.

2. Manage your ego, look for a collaboration to make your business stand out
Strong football countries such as England and France, consisting of outstanding and probably the world’s best players that often come with ‘better than thou’ ego. To get the players to play as a team is a real challenge. Players from weaker football countries, such as New Zealand, are most likely to be more than willing to put their ego aside and think team-working above anything else. From what I’ve seen so far, teamwork does beat talent.
This lesson applies to the young entrepreneurs who even though have the energy and zeal to win the world by themselves, should make use of everything and anything which the globalized world makes available to them and to all those who think they can do it themselves!

3. Your business might be small, yet its impact can be huge
New Zealand might be a ‘weak’ at football, but the team performance inspires others – the small guys CAN do something big in the biggest stage of global football.
Owning a small business is probably the coolest thing on the planet. In whichever part of the world you are living right now, you – a small business owner – are one of the agents of change – you, along with the other small business owners, are the real driving force of your region’s economy – you create jobs; you better your local community; all in all, you add value to the community.


  1. I completely agree that owning a small business is indeed the coolest thing, though it is not every single persons cup of tea.

    I am quite impressed by the way you have made a connection between the largest sporting event on this planet and the corporate world.

    Good job.

  2. Impressive. Goes to show, you're hardwired to think business. But I concur, teamwork and mobilizing resources is key to managing a successful business. Also, as you mentioned, is a competitive stance.

    To be frank though, I knew about these principles a successful business should follow (theoretically ofcourse), but I have no clue what's going on with FIFA. I'm definitely not competitive for gaining a high social standing.

  3. you drew pretty interesting parallels between fifa and business...For a change, business sounded interesting to me :)

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