Saturday, June 12


Them thousands smiled at me in glee
Luster and light, they filled my day with
From lowlands to mountains and sea
Fair and tender, they are my kith
With charm of love they make me bait
All praise for their beauty would not be great
With beauty so pure they ornate
The world so poor has a changing fate
Golden time then lost its prime
The rustling leaving become a tomb
Their bliss with them was lost in time
Deprived of happiness, loomed the gloom
The spring shall return and summer will come
Voices so sweet shall perish the glum.

-Harleen A.


  1. Very nice. Is this following any prescribed poetic structure or you just wrote it?

    Why Birds?

  2. birds is kinda my thing ;)
    you definitely have the poetic touch i never knew about!

  3. LOL, well I tired my best to write a sonnet but somehow focussing on the structure ruined the matter and the end product did not make any sense. This does flow a bit like a sonnet though.

    Anyway, Thanks! Appreciate it :)