Friday, June 25

Free Lunch

My horoscope this morning:

LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23): Someone has taken a shine to you and wants to help you make the most of your talents. That’s all very nice but make sure you know what it is they expect from you in return. There’s always something. Nothing is ever truly for free.

My first day at The University of Toronto, Professor Mike Krashinsky shared with us the thumb rule in economics- “There is no such thing as a free lunch.”

There is more truth to that statement than anything else I was taught subsequently. Really, we always like to think that we can surely get something for free or for a lesser price. Or take from someone without giving back. Almost never happens.

To get that laptop for less on Boxing Day, you probably sacrifice a night’s sleep and before that, some time checking out the deals at various stores.

To get your parents to pay for your university education, you abide by their rules and cut down on the wild partying and careless drinking.

To get a free hotdog at a school barbeque, you stand in line for an hour, listening to the stories of french manicures, of the new Jordans, or what rating the hot phychology prof has on ratemyprofessors. 

To make a profit in the stock market, I have seen my father lose his sleep debating whether to short sell a certain stock or not.

So is there ever a free lunch? I really don’t think so. If there is, probably the entire field of economics will collapse and so will our way of making market (or other) transactions.

So, as I was religiously reading my horoscope today, I was reminded of the golden words of wisdom my professor kindly shared with us, something on which our relationships are also based. It’s always a two way road we drive on. One way increases the risk of accidents, doesn’t it?

Till my next blog,
Harleen A.


  1. Harleen what a wonderful thought to share...something I love to deny but I can't help but agree.
    So true. There's always a price to's a give and take world.

    p.s. I came by to comment on your "What's Cooking?" blog as I read it, but didn't get a chance to comment...but cannot seem to find it!
    That one was so good! Cooking genes are bound to catch up. Can't wait for more and i do miss you <3

  2. "No free Lunch"
    Xcelnt !
    I Like it. Keep Writing.