Sunday, May 22

Meet the Joneses, everything you want to be...

Remember the age old saying that all that glitters is not gold. Or maybe, what looks good from far is far from good?! Well, this movie I just finished watching just hit the bull’s eye. It’s called “The Joneses” and you’ll see Demi Moore and her fake family display an exaggerated version of this saying. It touches on various topics of materialism, consumerism, marketing and finally, human emotions entangled in the spider web. The “Joneses” is a movie about a unit of four sales reps who pose as a family to sell a lifestyle. From a marketing and sales perspective, it’s a genius idea. But is it really ethical to make people believe yourself to be someone you are not? And to fiddle with their minds and exploit them? To sell a lifestyle based on frivolity?  To make them desire something you want to sell to them? Well, that is a form of marketing alright, but don’t you think a line should be drawn at some point?

The human mind and its lack of complexity showcased in this movie will keep you entertained, here is a glimpse:

Till my next blog,
Harleen A.


  1. we can't truely be ethical when it comes to marketing, can we?

  2. I agree with Guneev. When it comes to marketing, it's hard to be ethical all the time.

  3. Lack of complexity? I think human minds are a imbroglio. Anyhow, about the ethics of being someone we're not... aren't we revealing a bit of our being (cognitions, personality, emotional state) when we act differently in public than in private. Isn't the public face just as real as the private one, only superficially distinct? How do you distinguish and delineate the real vs. the affected "you"... ahh existentialism.

  4. Like they say, you should never judge the book by it's cover. I agree with you - the public face just as real as the private one, only superficially distinct.
    You've been reading too much Plato and Khalil Gibran ;)