Wednesday, June 15

Nostalgia and True Love...

It’s been four years now…but somehow the connection I feel with Delhi has not faded one bit. On the contrary, I feel it is stronger than ever. 

They say true love is hard to forget. Well, Delhi is home, it was my cocoon – a place I know inside out. I miss it terribly, especially when I begin to tell somebody where I spent the first seventeen years of my life. Delhi to me is magnetic, to my sister – a quicksand. At least we both agree it’s pull cannot be ignored. 

This morning as I was reading one of my favorite blogs on the city today, nostalgia hit me again. 
It is a city that can never be boring, always full of spice. When I imagine Delhi, I imagine colours, a mosaic of bright colours. It’s a place where everyone has a different meaning of it, and the only thing they agree on is – “Dilli Dilwalan Ki”. Plus there is the unanimous love for tandoori chicken!

Can't wait to be back!

Harleen A.