Sunday, March 20

The Spring Sprint

It’s that time of the year again. I can almost feel a smile form on the lips of everyone I lay my eyes on. Spring is the time that the whole of Toronto awaits eagerly and welcomes with a big bear hug! But if there is anything my lessons in finance have taught me is that there really is no free lunch. Spring comes bearing gifts, gifts of warmth, sunshine and a floral landscape. In Toronto, it also gives us respite from the stretched season of spine chilling cold. And so, dear spring gives us all a reason to put that smile back on our faces.

I can see my potted peace lily get a spine once again. Its droopy form is now gone. Maybe that’s how this season really works. It puts us back on track, the one that winter made waver one too many times.

They say what does not kill us only makes us stronger. If we survived that winter, then that beloved spring of ours will replenish us for the next winter. And we will go into it armed with greater strength. It is our optimism that allows us to conclude such. What would we really be without it by our side? It is something we can hold on to on the rollercoaster of our life. Life is really a rollercoaster, is it not? One day what we are on the top, the other we are nowhere to be seen. One day we are ecstatic and everything seems to be making sense. And somehow the morning is incapable of retaining that feeling, which somehow gets lost in the noise we can’t help but be surrounded by.

Let us promise we will make the feeling of this spring, the spring of 2011 stay with us forever. Let us promise we will never let the smile it puts on our faces fade away. Let us promise we will face every challenge that life will throw at us with a bucket full of optimism.
And no, promises are not meant to be broken!

Harleen A.


  1. I love the happy thoughts !
    After the slushy "white" winter, we do need an awesome fun filled spring :)

  2. Besides spring, your writing puts a smile on my face...

  3. Now this comment has put a smile on my face! :)

  4. Leena,thanks for sharing.....that was very peppy and full of positivity....i esp liked,"i can see my potted lily get a spine...."