Sunday, April 1

Patriotism Or Simply Frivolity?

Maple syrup dipped snow cone versus a sweet and salty colorful chuski. This is what zoomed through my head while I sat for my Canadian citizenship ceremony. The pictures of the two flashed again and again.

Johnny Depp once said, “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” Now, I don’t get the truths of life from Mr. Depp, but this particularly got me in a state of turmoil at first, and then, plain panic.

I love Toronto, but does that imply…? This is not betrayal?! Or is it? But I love Delhi, or maybe I loved Delhi? I tried to talk to my sister, who was sitting next to me reading for her economics test that afternoon. She hushed me, saying “Are you crazy? Don’t talk like this HERE!!”
Wait! Did I not make sense to her? Or did I not make sense at all? Or perhaps that tattooed Johnny Depp was simply no brains all brawn.

Fast forward to that night. Completely convinced that I had forgotten my beloved hometown of Delhi, I searched for a rutilant answer. Now, I’m more of a treadmill person, but that night, I quietly slipped out of the house for a long walk. A long walk would help me introspect, I thought. One hour later, I realized life is really not that dramatic. Long walks only help actors in movies. In real life, there is no answer to such frivolous matters, as my mother put it. I can’t believe her! A matter of my loyalties is definitely not frivolous to me, mother! This morning I spoke to my friend, a Canadian born Indian. I told her how I felt about somehow betraying my country by choosing to be a Canadian citizen. She laughed loudly!

Well, the answer I was looking for was right in front of me the whole time while I was treading on the absurd antipode of the truth. I had forgotten that food helps me think better. Rather, it helps me think. As I took the first bite of my sister’s heavenly home made peanut butter cup, I realized, I am not losing or betraying India, but am inheriting a whole new country. A country of warm, spirited people, a country of la meilleure poutine, a country of fine rye, a country of magnificent maple trees to adorn your backyard, but most of all, a cultural mosaic that welcomes individuality, that welcomed me. Thank you Canada, for the big bear (moose) hug!

Loving cricket and now, hockey too!
Harleen A.


  1. Hahaha...Leens I don't know how such random thoughts cross your mind. But let me tell you something....the fact about life is that most of the times it doesn't make sense at all. Its absolutely fine (and possible) to love two things/ people at a time. Your love for India will remain eternal even if you are growing fond of Canada or falling in love with it. Falling in love with something new doesn't demean your love for the prior. Life is ever changing, hence at every point in your life priorities and interest change..... Can't think of anything else as of now :p

    Keep blogging. I love reading your thought process

  2. Thank you darlings! Love and hugs