Friday, February 11

Star Wars and cute?

Every year while my father waits for Super bowl, I wait for its commercials! This one below is my favourite this year- I have watched it umpteen times and still can’t get enough! Even behind that mask, the kid is brilliant. The Darth Vader act tugged on my heartstrings...I wanted to go there and help the poor little kid out!
It's sad to see when his face drops when his Force does on work on the washing machine and the dog...
And then it finally does (with a little help from his dad), we have a hero in Volkswagen!
What makes this commercial a success for me is that it has a Star Wars character, which I'm sure would appeal largely to the audience of the Superbowl. Also, it's absolutely adorable and not too long!! 
It definitely gets my "awww" vote!

Till my next blog,
Harleen A.


  1. My awww vote too.

  2. I second that. Have you seen this one from last year, it's my favourite:

  3. Oh yes! That one is my all time favourite! Scroll down and you'll see a blog I wrote about it! :D